Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mount Eerie - Distorted Cymbals Dub Narcotic 7"

Phil Elvrum releases his first record on K Records in several years, and it comes in the form of the Mount Eerie "Distorted Cymbals" Dub Narcotic Disco Plate, which K has been cranking out a lot of recently. This one comes hot on the tails of the Lake, White Rainbow and Hive Dwellers DNDP's that PIAPTKBlog reviewed a while back.

I wasn't blessed with the digital download press advance notice that the K promo dept sent out (nudge, nudge, Danielle), but I WAS able to pick up a physical copy a couple weeks ago (location has it's privileges).

I initially started playing this at 33 rpm, and given Philvrums recent affinity for black metal, it sounded perfectly appropriate until the vocals came in. I think it sounds better at 33. Much doomier. (All self-respecting indie-bloggers are supposed to be into doom now, right? or was that 2010? I can't keep up with what I'm supposed to like. But, regardless, the chopped and screwed (is that still popular? Would it be hip to bring it back?) 33rpm mix sounds awesome.) The B side is typical of DubNarDisPlates and is a weird remix (Anglepoise Cymbals) with Calvin Johnson recording a bunch of silly melodica on top of it. Calvin is such a card... The record comes in a dustjacket covered in stamps.

I've been waiting to post about it here until the singles actually went on sale via the K site, which should take place on Jan. 7th, one month before the official release date through distributors. But, since the 7th is a Saturday, and nobody works at K on Fridays, I'm guessing Monday, the 9th is a more likely release virtual release date.

There were only 500 copies made, and Mount Eerie/Microphones stuff generally has a very short shelf life (in that it sells out, pretty quick), I would keep an eye on and pick this up as soon as you can. UPDATE: Phil has some copies already available at The P.W. Elverum & Sun Megastore.

Stream it on K's Tumblr.

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