Saturday, December 31, 2011

America Salutes the Carter Family: R. Stevie Moore, LAKE, Lazer Zeppelin, Jeffrey Lewis, Calvin Johnson, etc

Mark Morrison of LAKE and Lazer Zeppelin has finally put the finishing touches on his 3+year project of compiling a tribute to Old-school-Folkie-Fam, The Carters. While on tour, he recorded over 60 artists direct to a crappy old hand-held tape recorder. The first volume compiles 30 of these tunes onto a 90 min cassette tape. The fidelity and method are appropriate since it is similar to what the Carters would have been dealing with when they started recording in the 1920's. Everyone playing into a single microphone, directly onto the recorder. The output always had a tinny, fragile, hissy quality that is really iconic of the beginnings of recorded sound. These new recordings follow in that aesthetic.

Artists that made the cut for the first volume include: Calvin Johnson, R. Stevie Moore, LAKE, Lazer Zeppelin, Jeffrey Lewis, Peter Stampfel, Castanets, Golden Boots, Sandman the Rappin' Cowboy, Paleo, Pinehill Haints, and Jack Lewis, amongst many others.

Pick up the cassette and download for $10 or the 30 track digital album for only $5.

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