Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Boxset Update & Your Daily Dose of Wooden Wand Prescription runs out...

Well, it made you laugh, it made you cry, it made me wonder why I ever decided to start a blog in the first place, but the Daily Dose of Wooden Wand has now run its' course. Every one of the 70+ songs from the upcoming Wooden Wand Archives Vol. 3 were put up one(ish) song at a time over the course of two and a half months. I did better than I figured I'd do, punctuality-wise, and I hope you love them like I do. This set is amazing (as those who downloaded them discovered.)

Now, for those of you who already ordered the physical set, here is an update.

The records are shipping from the pressing plant TOMORROW! They will arrive at my place on the 28th, and will be stuffed into the covers and boxes at a record packing party at my place on the 29th. If you live in the NW and want free food and beer in exchange for a couple of hours of hanging out with the coolest folk in Olympia, shoot me an email. I will then spend the entire day on the 30th packing them up into shipping boxes, addressing them, etc. and then mail them out on the 31st of December. That is, assuming all goes as planned, which, in the record game, is never a sure thing. This will require, literally, 7 or 8 trips to the post office in my tiny little Prius, to mail 150+ 13x13x4" boxes.

Therefore, you should be receiving your box shortly after the new year. Should be a great way to kick off what may be a slow year for the old Wandster. James has told me that he will not be releasing much, if anything, in early-mid 2012, as he puts all of his energy into the writing and recording of Briarwood II. Which, in a way bums me out, because he is one of my all-time favorite dudes to work with, but also means that the new record will sound that much sweeter! And, at least you've got SIX killer LPs of tunes to listen to in the meantime!

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