Wednesday, October 19, 2011

FOUND SOUND - Hayseed Boys - Meddleander

Far and away one of the most interesting and bizarre demos I've ever received at PIAPTK is the Hayseed Boys album "Meddleander". Hayseed Boys are apparently an experimental "collective" (sometimes including Mark Morrison of Lazer Zeppelin and LAKE) that provides a backing score to thrift store answering machine tapes. Hailing from inland California, they have found the holy grail of dimwitted, insane, trashy and criminal monologues. If there is anything that shows like Jersey Shore and Dog the Bounty Hunter have shown us, it's that people LOVE to watch low-brow people do low-brow things in the name of "reality".

Meddleander is chock full of meth heads, pill freaks, jail birds, murder, intrigue, hot spaghetti, and inappropriate uncles being PAINFULLY real, never expecting to have an audience. This tiny slice of their life (all taken from a single answering machine tape) has been rescued from obscurity, and it makes you feel so much better about yourself, regardless of your current situation. All of these messages are tastefully interspersed with lo-fi tunes, avant garde manipulation, bizarre circuit bent keyboard bloops, etc.

Download the whole album here:

Hayseed Boys - Meddleander MP3 Album.

Check out "Dollar Eighty" below:
Hayseed Boys - Dollar Eighty by PIAPTK

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