Thursday, October 20, 2011

R. Stevie Moore Collaborates with Ariel Pink!

The godfather of mid-fidelified-beyond-prolific-home-recording, R. Stevie Moore is not as weird in real life as you might imagine if you heard his music and knew his story ( which is soon to be a documentary). I know. He came over to my house and hung out on the trampoline in my back yard and ate Doritos. It does, however, take a certain mindset and eccentricity to record as obsessively and for as long as Stevie has.

In his latest collaboration (He has previously worked with Mike Watt, Billy Anderson on this PIAPTK released 7", Dr. Dog, Jad Fair, MGMT, etc etc.) he's teamed up with reverby-soft-rock-weirdo Ariel Pink. The album isn't complete, but Stevie's already sharing some of it on his SoundCloud site. It sounds exactly like you'd hope it would... a nice hybrid of Pink's swirling ambience with sawtooth synths and Moore's PowerBritPop sensabilities. Actual songs interspersed with repetitious and weird musical interludes.

Check out "Stevie Pink Javascript" below.
SteviePink Javascript by kukluxglam

Hear a LOT more at their Sound Cloud.

Shortly before Stevie came by my house for the whole Doritos on the trampoline thing, he spent some time down the street at Dub Narcotic, a little studio that has recorded a couple albums you might have heard of, like One Foot In The Grave, This is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About, Black Candy, etc.

I Just Wanna Feel You is typical of recent Stevie... Unabashedly and Unashamedly Sexy. Lyrics like "I just wanna feel you... I wanna use my hands" would certainly creep you out if Stevie said them to you in person without knowing who he was. I've been fantasizing about making a Christmas movie with Stevie as a hired Santa Claus working a bachelorette party. His only lines would come straight from his lyric sheets. Oliver, Francis, college RTVF major... call me, let's get working on this. It will blow "It's a Wonderful Life" out of the water.

It is, potentially going to be released sometime in the near future as a K Records 7". It was recorded with the amazing Tropical Ooze who has been touring as Stevie's support and band since he began touring earlier in the year. Amazingly, after 50+ years of recording, he had never done a proper tour! Strangely enough, Tropical Ooze turned out to be the band of a long-lost friend of mine from college. Hipstertown is a small world.

I Just Wanna Feel You ~ R. Stevie Moore by kukluxglam

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