Monday, October 17, 2011

New Good Saints EP (with JJ Toth)

Good Saints is a new band from Kentucky, Featuring James "Wooden Wand" Toth, Derek "Doc" Feldman, Newt Newsome, David Chapman (insert obligatory Lennon joke), and Mark Rush

Toth's recently recorded LP, "Briarwood", attributed to Wooden Wand And The Briarwood Virgins (AKA The Gum Creek Killers) hasn't even come back from the pressing plant yet, and the silkscreen ink isn't dry on the 6xLP Archives boxset (both coming soon on PIAPTK), and he already has a new EP with Good Saints.

Check out "Driftwood on the Fire" at the Good Saints bandcamp.

But don't call this a "side project" and don't request any Wand songs at the shows, because Good Saints is more than the sum of it's parts. They have three distinct songwriters and vocalists; Toth, Newt Newsome, and Derek Feldman, each one having a powerful and distinct voice that fits neatly in with one of the classic outlaw country archetypes.

Good Saints is just a local band made up of regular guys with regular jobs, just put together to have a good time and play music, with no real ambitions of touring or being commercially successful. But these modest ambitions belie the true potential of the band. The "Driftwood on the Fire" EP sounds like what I'd imagine it is; three songwriters bringing in songs and having their buddies play them. But given the strong writing, I would expect that by their next batch of recordings they will have developed into a recognizable, collaborative style. While the 6 tunes found here are relatively mellow, and not exactly what you'd call barnburners, you definitely get the vibe that these guys could really tear it up in a live setting. I wouldn't want to be paying their bar tab, though.

Check out their Reverbnation page for upcoming Kentucky-area shows.

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Anonymous said...

These guys have a killer rhythm section. Mark Rush on Bass and David Chapman on the skins!